Fitness delivered where and when you need it.

Train with Mobile Fit

Mobile Fit is proud to offer a 360-degree training experience in our mobile gym, complete with some of the best physical trainers in Jacksonville.

Corporate Training

Pearson Fitness offers corporate training programs through our mobile fit gym. We can help educate your employees regarding a number of fitness techniques, help support your health goals, and group training.

Personal Training

Pearson Fitness offers a full slate of personal training services designed to help you set a fitness goal and work together to create a training solution. With our mobile fit program, you can work with some of our most experienced trainers to achieve your personalized fitness goals on the go.

Mobile Training

Mobile training is a great option for people who might not have time to run all the way to their local gym. With a great selection of personal trainers ready to work with you, our mobile services can help you achieve your personal best.

Training Services

Our top-notch personal trainers are experienced in Jacksonville’s most high-demand training services. Our team is ready to work with you in the following areas:

Body weight training is a form of strength training that focuses on using your own weight instead of machines and tools to supply resistance. This form of training helps improve strength and endurance and is a fantastic way to get yourself toned and feeling great again.

Free weight training is a form of strength training that our trainers can personalize to fit your goals. This kind of training focuses on lifting and moving freestanding objects such as kettlebells and dumbbells.

With our mobile large group circuit training, you and your group can jump right into the action with aerobics, resistance training, endurance training and more, all performed in a challenging circuit. Group classes are a wonderful way to work toward your goals while also alleviating some of the pressure you may put on yourself when alone.

Group Sizes

From personal training to boot camp class, Mobile Fit has you covered with our mobile gym. Our trainers can create programs for a variety of group sizes, including:


No need to worry about the quality, intensity, or diversity of training you’ll receive with Mobile Fit by Pearson’s multi-functioning mobile gym—our multi-purpose training stations offer a wide variety of equipment, including:


“I absolutely love Mobile Fit Jax! It is such a welcoming and positive environment. Everyone is so encouraging and helpful. They are always challenging us to be the best we can be! It feels like a family. All of the classes are great and target all your needs. I’m never bored! I can’t say enough positive things about it! I’m so grateful to have such a wonderful place to workout.“
Michele Stapleton
“This place has great personal training if you are just starting out or classes. The classes are small with personal attention snd a variety (even some boxing). It’s not the big box gyms and I love the quaint atmosphere. The personal training has been great to start my journey to better health.”
Trish Gallagher